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The converted files from data entry / data conversion has to be converted into html pages for web publishing. You will be getting 1000 text pages containing around 30 lacks characters per month for which you have to give html tags as per the instruction provided at the time of work allotment. It is highly recommended that people with previous training and experience should only take this work.

Nature of work TEXT to HTML
Tools Work has to be done in notepad
Work Load 1000 Pages per Month or 30 lack characters per month.
TAT 30 Days
Contract period 6 Months.
Renumeration 10,500/- Rs. Per Month
Processing Fee. 4000/- Rs. (One time fee renewable.)
Other details Work will contain numerical and equations. Work available world wide.
Work despatch. To be downloaded from our website
Work Submission Through email attachment



more details... home based html tagging project

This project aims at reducing costs of the publishing houses and firms. The project involves conversion of scanned images into WORD format and / or digitization of archives. Scanned images shall be available by the medium of Internet (to be downloaded from our website) and these shall have to be converted into WORD format according to given specifications. E publishing is a continuous activity, regardless of IT slowdown, war or any kind of virus outbreak: this is a kind of work that is here to go on. E publishing is 17% of the business cost, so it is a function that is always necessary. It is probably the safest business processes to be in at this time or in the future. All the work to be done in ENGLISH LANGUAGE only.
This is a 6 months contract in which 5 months work will be there and this contract has the provision of getting renewed for two more years with a renewal letter from First Party.
We shall provide the data in Note pad / word pad format  Internet  monthly. The User shall convert the TEXT / NOTEPAD  into html pages by giving html tags as per the technical instruction.

During the term of this MOU we will provide 1000 pages (appx. 30 lacks characters)  per seat per Month (30 days). You should spell-check all the finished documents, using standard UK / USA English (as specified time to time) spell check. You should ensure that each document is edited, proof read and compared as per the given specification and guidelines by us. In consideration of the services provided by you, we agree to pay Rs.10.50/- (Converted into INR as on 8th of every billing month) per page of converted data. The monthly payment will be released on the 10th / 11th of every month during the contract period.

The first party will acknowledge the Accuracy Level & completeness of the processed assignment within a period of 10 days for every 30 days of work.

You will be paid through demand draft. You will be entitled to full payment if you have above 98% accuracy. The MOU Will be terminated straight forward if the second party does not submitted the works with in time (30 days including Sunday & Saturday from the date of signing mou ) no excuse will be entertained .No rework will be provided in case of none submission of work and the mou will be terminated. No re-job will be provided if the agreement is terminated. Any cost related to telecommunication or data transmission for the services as provided in clause 2 shall be borne by each party at their end. Your Parameter Will Be 0.2% of whole work in a months. The first party will not be responsible for expenses incurred on infrastructure or any other related costs.

to join this project email with subject HTML tagging. This project is available world wide.


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