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The data editing / typing work consists of converting jpeg files to doc by method of typing also we provide corresponding word files which can be edited in case your typing speed is not good. because the editable word file contains lot of errors it is recommended that you convert by typing. Actually the outsourcing client had tried to convert it using OCR technology but as they have failed to achieve the required results the work was outsourced to us. This is a full time work. This work from home jobs is given on monthly basis by method of email attachment. Rate per page  16Rs. This work is available world-wide.

Nature of work JPEG to MS word by typing or editing
Tools Ms Word
Work Load 600 Pages per Month
TAT 30 Days
Contract period 10 Months. - renewable
Renumeration 10200/- Rs. Per Month
Processing Fee. 2600/- Rs. (One time fee.)
Other details Non-refundable fee/ project available world-wide
Work despatch. Through email attachments Monthly
Work Submission Through email attachment



more details... data editing/typing work from home

Jpeg/ tiff/ gif files will be provided which has to be converted into Ms-word by typing only or editing the corresponding word files. We will be providing the user with 600 pages per month for a total contract period of 10 months. The contract can be renewed after a period of 10 months if the performance of the user is found suitable.

The user will be paid a remuneration of 16rs per page maximum on achieving the required accuracy targets.

for 95 to 100%  17Rs. Per page
for 90 to 95%  12Rs. per page
for 80 to 90%  9Rs. per page
Below 80%  No payment

The USER is supposed to type 600 pages in a stipulated time frame of 30 days. Each page will be containing only TEXT material without any diagrams, pictures or tables. The TEXT material will be as much as an A4 size page contains when typed in the standard font and size (approx. 800 words per page when typed in )

In order to assure that the USER undertaking the job does the work sincerely, seriously, correctly and most important being – TIMELY, one has to pay us a processing fee of Rs.2600.00.

Payment can be made by bank transfer, cheque, dd or credit cards. To join this project email for further details.

This project is available world-wide. To join this project email to with subject data-editing.


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